Manufacturers are often better off taking the extra time to find an industry specific MES that meets their specific needs than spending time and money on unnecessary customization. Rather than taking years to constantly change and adapt a system, time is rather spent on proper master data development and user training to achieve high level success in the total project.

The increased availability of industry specific mature MES solutions means that companies are looking at more out-of-the-box implementations and should expect less need for expensive custom extensions to commercial products. An industry specific solution should provide a high percentage of specific functionality tailored to the needs of the manufacturing process. ‘Pain Points’ also should be addressed in full as the system will focus on the challenges of the material process, design, routing, planning & scheduling, scrap, costs, delivery and many more variables.

To benefit from OOB functionality, it is important that companies do their homework and look for MES products that fit their needs instead of assuming that customization is a required part of a project with any MES product. In today’s market, heavy customization is usually a symptom of selecting a product that does not fit the industry or manufacturing type.

ADVARIS Cable MES ADVARIS Cable MES provides all of the solutions necessary to achieve a true Smart Factory in one complete, proven package in the wire, cable and rope industries. ADVARIS software offers the best practices of the cable and wire industry and was developed and implemented in cooperation with leading cable manufacturers. As noted below, the industry worldwide is finding success in choosing ADVARIS as their partner for full system implementations including ERP, MES, SCADA, Cable Design, Maintenance and more.


Condumex now has a fully integrated MES solution that covers all business processes from cable design to delivery. Several thousand different products are automatically generated in the cable design module and permanently kept up to date. All basic data for production planning such as machine speeds, scrap quantities, usable drum sizes, alternative machines, etc. are transferred from the ADVARIS cable design module to the detailed planning and scheduling module.


A sophisticated detailed planning of the machine occupancy avoids unnecessary setup times and scrap. Effects of disruptions or new rush orders are immediately recognizable. The complete data acquisition on shop floor with interfaces to the machine controls and measuring devices for quality assurance guarantees the complete traceability of every single cable length.”

“Thanks to the new system, we can see real-time information from production and the relevant KPIs directly on the screen in the office,” says Victor Villalobos, COO of Condumex. “Since we have been using ADVARIS in the Condumex factories, operations have become more fluid. The programs are also easier to use for our employees. I am already looking forward to all locations experiencing the modernization push.” By 2020, all Condumex cables will be produced using ADVARIS MES.

ADVARIS ADVARIS is an international software and consulting company. Being in the marketplace since 1997, ADVARIS is best equipped with an experienced team of specialists in the fields of manufacturing execution systems (MES), product data management, and enterprise resource planning in the wire and cable industry. Headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany, the branch offices in the USA and India provide their customers with around the clock support worldwide. You can find out more at the website: