QED specializes in equipment for in-line heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire.  Our leading edge furnaces are custom built for multi-strand annealing, stress relieving, patenting and tempering processes. With patented flow technology, our fluid systems integrate cleaning efficiency with high wire speeds.  QED’s rugged liquid metal furnaces have proven the test of time applying heavy and commercial coating of zinc, aluminum and Galfan®.   

Sophisticated Control on Tempering Fluidbed

With a bed of fine aluminum oxide particles and precise air & gas control, our fluidbed furnaces offer an environmentally friendly heat-treating solution in an energy efficient package.  The fluidbed’s rapid heat transfer results in significantly shorter furnace length and therefore more compact and easier to operate process lines.    

Pulse-Firing Muffle Tube FurnacePulse-Firing Muffle Tube Furnace

The addition of pulse-firing technology to QED’s muffle tube austinitizing furnace improves the thermal efficiency and increases temperature uniformity.  This is owing to the higher average flame velocity and superior convective heat-transfer.  Pulse firing also offers; a higher turn-down ratio, lower NOx emissions and more flexibility in burner and zone control. 

Networked Panels with Remote Monitoring and Control

A powerful S7 Siemens PLC is at the heart of our furnace control systems.  Programmed with user friendly software and advanced combustion algorithms, they deliver precision gas flow and accurate temperature control.  One of the interesting new developments is web enabled systems for smartphone monitoring and remote troubleshooting of control panels. 

Combustion Technology

With a view to improved efficiency and to minimize environmental impact, QED developed the dual loop pressure/temperature combustion control system.  This patented system maintains a steady output with precise air-gas ratio on all our multiple burner furnaces.

Combustion TechnologyGalvanizing & Galfan Coating

Our latest development in ceramic lined furnaces is the Advanced Recuperative Technology Mark 4 Immersion Burner.  This burner offers dramatically higher combustion efficiency from an extended double pass pre-heat design. Constructed of stainless and high nickel alloy steels, they have an extended operating lifespan and a much cooler skin temperature.

Powerful Pre-Cleaning with Ultrasonics Our latest wire cleaning equipment is a dual-stage pre-cleaner with powerful ultrasonic transducers.  This precision laser-cut stainless steel tank incorporates new temperature and level control features.  The wires exit the cleaning section into a triple water rinse with innovative 4 stage suction wiping.  

Patented Pickling  A proven performer; our HighTurbulence™ Pickling SystemPatented Pickling A proven performer; our HighTurbulence™ Pickling System optimizes fluid flow to breakdown the static boundary layer surrounding the wires and rapidly remove scale.    With multiple cascading stages, this efficient system lowers acid consumption and minimizes waste treatment requirements. 

QED is: The technology leader in galvanizing lines! 

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