SCreate Technology (SCreate) is the brand operated since 2012, specialized in the measurement systems in wire and cable industry. Thanks to the challenges we always choose to take, the trust and support given by our customers, SCreate humbly acuminated a well reputation in the specified field for those years.


And the company DALA Technology (DALA) Co., Ltd. which is a sister company of SCreatedesign and produce controls and integrated systems for industrial electric vehicles. The project of research and development was kicked-off in 2013, and business registered at 2017.


SCreate DALA Technology (DALA) Co., Ltd Despite of the two brands SCreate and DALA are in different fields, we are inspired by ‘design-forward & design-for-reliable’, devoted to stick with providing reliable products, and struggle to be the customer trusted brands.


Because of our business strategy, SCreate Technology Co., Ltd is going to be officially changed the name to SCreate DALA Technology (DALA) Co., Ltd from December 1st 2019, and use the same LOGO and trademark as “DALA”, shown here.


You can always expect the same service and dedication to quality that you have come to us over the years. Of course, the service and support of products under the brand SCreate you purchased previously is still valid.


The formerly brand name, international trademark and LOGO of SCreate Technology is reserved and still a property of SCreate DALA Technology Co., Ltd.