Originally developed for the food industries, the Uhing-easylock® clamping system has long since found its way into other sectors as well. It is sought after for production processes using winders or coilers or where safe and efficient clamping or locking is essential.

Clamping force with high locking effect: Ideal for the wire and cable industries:

A classical application for the Uhing-easylock® are the processes in the wire and cable industries where the torque transfer the clamping system provides is of particular importance: The axially displaceable Uhing-easylock® features a clamping ring that, when subjected to axial tensioning forces, tilts on the shaft and engages with it. The locking effect is proportional to the tensioning force.

Advantages for the packaging industries: Toolfree one-handed operation

In packaging technology, the Uhing-easylock® holds and locks roll cores of foils and other material, and it is also used to quickly adjust material guides. As operating the clamping module does not require any tools, the work environment remains free of utensils such as wrenches. Changing the clamping module occurs fast and easily with only one hand.

The lightweight, ergonomically designed clamping module generating high locking forces on a plain shaft is suited for static applications but also for driven shafts with unmachined surfaces. It comes in ten different sizes for shaft diameters between 10 and 40 mm; the clamping module with integrated positive release is available for shaft diameters between 25 and 40mm. The required surface hardness of the shaft is at least 55 HRC for a surface roughness Ra of 0.2 – 0.4 µm.