Windak Group developing and providing their customers with continued innovation in order to meet their business goals. Different types of standard and unique cable packaging equipment have been designed for high-speed operations, flexible cable range, fast change-over between the products, safe production and quality assurance.

Windak would like to introduce to you their NEW Spare Parts Kits Campaign 2020 for existing customers in EMEA, CIS and Russia regions!

Windak Group has launched the NEW Spare Parts Kits Campaign 2020.                                                             Don’t miss the chance to get a 20% discount!The Spare Parts Kits are specially made for trouble-free, easy, and simple maintenance of your equipment on time. Windak team will analyse and provide superior total solutions according to the need and budget.

You can select the Basic or Premium Spare part kits and get the 20% discount till the end of May 2020.  As a great bonus to your order, we offer you + 1 FREE day of a service inspection*!

  • Basic Kit - contains main mechanical and basic electrical components of the equipment.
  • Premium Kit – a custom spare parts kit based on specific needs i.e. broken, damaged, worn out parts, that are not listed in the Basic Kit.

For Spare Parts Catalogue 2020 and additional information, please contact Windak’s Sales Representative:

EMEA - Urban Bollö
Phone: (+46) 70-629-00-56
Email: [email protected]

CIS Countries, Russia, Poland - Mihail Sharapov
Phone: (+372) 55-688-470
Email: [email protected]

You can also check the company’s website and get the recent information about their products and updates.