Iran Wire 2019


Iran Wire is the only exhibition in Iran in the fields of wire, cable, tube, profiles and related industries.  Iran Wire represents the latest development of the domestic and global wire & cable, rod and tube industry. It serves as a platform for the release of the trend of commercialization growth, state-of-the-art products, latest technologies and materials, establishment of brand image and introduction of advanced technologies & equipment. This event promotes the import and export, exploration of new markets, investment and cooperation both in Iran and abroad, interaction between R&D and production, as well as multilateral communication The main index of the dynamism of the cable and wire industry is dependent on the ingredients (Copper, aluminum, PVC, and needed polyethylene), Technology, energy, skilled labor, and transportation. Parts of Iran are located on the world’s copper belt which runs from northwest up to the southeast of Iran. Copper mines of Sarcheshmeh and Meidouk in Kerman and Songun in East Azarbaijan are among the most important copper mines in Iran. However, streaks of copper can be detected in other parts of the country such as Khorasan. Iran had the world’s 9th largest copper reserve at 32.5 million’ tons with nearly 33% of the world's export by the year 2014.
When Wed From 4 December, 2019 to
7 December, 2019
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Khalij-e-Fars Highway
TEHRAN, Tehran