Beacon Reel Co.


Founded in 1978 in Beacon Falls, CT, the Beacon Reel Company was established through their wire drawing machine manufacturing business, the Watkins Brothers Machinery Corp. They started reconditioning drawing, shipping and structural reels, and doing minor welding, straightening of flanges, and repairing damaged beads and broken sleeves. Then they expanded into replacing barrels and restoring ribs, tines, cross members, and arbors. At this point requests began coming in for custom fabrication. For this reason, the Watkins brothers started to design reels for wire drawing, cabling, stranding, and shipping requirements. This capability included DIN wire drawing, annealing, and process applications. As the business grew, so did the need for more space and the company moved to its present location in New Milford, CT.


PO Box 787 - 19 Wells Rd
New Milford, Connecticut 6776
United States

Fax: 1-860-355-4174

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