Continuus-Properzi S.p.A


CONTINUUS-PROPERZI, Milan, Italy, founded in 1947 by Ilario Properzi (1897-1976) the inventor and the promoter of the Continuous Casting (wheel and belt) and direct Rolling process (CCR) for all non-ferrous rod, is a leader company with its over 300 lines installed world wide in over 50 years, mainly for Al and Cu rod. In addition to this, CONTINUUS-PROPERZI is a supplier of the lead strip lines for the lead-acid batteries industry and other dedicated machinery such as the ingot caster, Microrolling and also several types of furnaces. Since 1999, with the acquisition of R.T.M., O.T.T., and JA Kraft (this last one now transferred to the Gauder Group), logo and know-how, offers plants and machinery for production of high carbon steel wire ropes, PC products, and a full range of drawing machines and ancillaries. Number of Employees: 150 in Italy and two engineering and commercial team in USA and France.


Via Cosimo del Fante, 10
Sordio, LO 20122

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