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Established 20 years ago, UK-based PENTRE GROUP is a leading manufacturer of Reels and Drums, for the international wire and cable industry. Having incorporated such famous name such as HEARL HEATON — founded in 1809 and serving the wire and electric cable industries since its earliest days — PENTRE has earned a solid reputation for high quality, reliability, and service. Hearl Heaton is the recognised leader in the design and manufacture of ABS (plastic flanged) high-speed process reels for the wire, cable, telecommunication, and fibre optic industry. The range of products includes process reels ranging from 250mm to 1,000mm Ø. We GUARANTY the quality and High Specification of our Reels. Manufactured to customer specification or to DIN 46395 standard, these in-process reels are suitable for extrusion speeds up to 2500m/min. Our ABS flanges are moulded from a Special Grade of Virgin ABS which has good impact properties and high rigidity. The bosses are manufactured in our CNC to maintain an accurate and high tolerance component. We offer a wide range of Steel Reels (Beaded and pressed reels, Fully machined precision reels, Process / shipping reels. Our fully machined steel reels (Series SF) for high-speed single/multi wire drawing, stranding, and bunching machines are in-process take-up reels dynamically balanced. Our wire drawing reels (Series BP)are designed for copper and aluminium and with flange diameters ranging from 315 to 1,250mm. The company commands distribution capabilities on a global, national, and local basis, and has developed its long-term customer relationships through its provision of timely, innovative, and cost-effective products and services.


Unit 3 & 4 Penfield Road (Off St Helen Road)
Leigh, Lancashire WN7 3PG
United Kingdom

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