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Inhol bv

in Alphabetical Listing, Flame-retardant, halogen-free, Dye and Pigments, Cross-linked Plastics, Plastic Rubber and Silicone

Develops and markets a wide range of cross-linkable compounds and some thermoplastic compounds for insulation and jacketing of wires and cables… for aerospace, off-shore, defence, shipboard, marine, rolling stock, raiways . Hot-set measurement.

Zuidergracht 12
Soest , LV NL 3763LV
The Netherlands

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Aztech Lubricants LLC

in Alphabetical Listing, Oils, Greases, Lubricants, Protective Agents, Drawing Lubricants, Plating Solutions & Salts

Aztech Lubricants provides quality products and innovative solutions to customers in the wire drawing industry for a variety of industries including: wire drawing, galvanizing, wire forming, agricultural, tires, automotive, construction, etc.

29047 State Highway 59
Oklahoma 73095
United States

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Lindlar Surface Technologies Incorporated

in Alphabetical Listing, Process Lubricants, Descaling Chemicals, Chemical Solvents, Plating Solutions & Salts

Lindlar Surface Technologies Inc. was established to manufacture cleaners , phosphates , lubricants and related chemical compounds…

2782 W. Country Road, 800 N
Lake Village, Indiana 46349
United States

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The Lubrizol Corporation

in Alphabetical Listing, Plastic Rubber and Silicone

Estane® TPU's strong history of innovation and performance goes back more than 50 years…

29400 Lakeland Boulevard
Wickliffe, Ohio 44092
United States

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X-Compound GmbH

in Alphabetical Listing, Thermoplastic, Flame-retardant, halogen-free, Dye and Pigments, Plastic Rubber and Silicone

X-Compound is a Swiss based enterprise in the field of the plastic compounding industry, established 1996.

Hardmatt 932
Kaisten, CH 5082

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FIB Belgium S.A

in Alphabetical Listing, Plating Metals, Ultra Sonic Cleaning, Fluidized Bed Furnaces, Cleaning and Plating

FIB is a manufacturer of continuous lines and batch furnaces for steel wire…

avenue Landas 4

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in Alphabetical Listing, Cross-linked Plastics, Cable Coatings, Plastic Rubber and Silicone

Buss is the global leader in providing Kneader technology for demanding compounding solutions.……

455 Kehoe Boulevard, Suite 109
Carol Stream, Illinois 60188
United States

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Dow Electrical & Telecommunications - EMEA

in Alphabetical Listing, Flame-retardant, halogen-free, Cable Coatings, Plastic Rubber and Silicone, Weather Proofing Compounds

Dow Wire & Cable, a global, market-facing business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is a world-leading producer of technology-based solutions for the wire and cable industry...

400 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. S
Manchaca, Córdoba 77042
United States

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Mixer SpA

in Alphabetical Listing, Sealing and Impregnating, Cable Coatings, Plastic Rubber and Silicone

MIXER produces rubber and thermoplastic cable compounds which include LV, MV and HV insulation, sheathing, bedding and color masterbatch compounds...

Via Chiara 6/C
Linghai, Heilongjiang 48012

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