Leopoldshöhe-based spool specialist Häfner & Krullmann exhibit at the trade fair “Interwire” in Atlanta/Georgia in the USA. The new USR reels for optimal reel logistics will catch the attention of visitors.

As such, Häfner has succeeded in familiarising clients with a new product line. The new USR fits precisely onto Euro pallets – that saves space and money. The shipping reels are made from recycled material, which saves resources. In the overall area of cable reels, Häfner has extended the range of sizes available at both ends of its range and is now able to match customer requirements even more accurately.

Häfner’s Sales Manager Andreas Kunze showing one of the new, largersize wire reels that allow machine running-time to be extended. Häfner also exhibits a generous selection of shipping reels with larger core diameters in a number of product ranges. These are especially suitable for winding materials which can be damaged easily by bending, such as fiber optic cables.

Häfner’s extended range of products for manufacturers and consumers of wire and cable are also on display. Larger reels are now available to extend the time machines can run before an exchange of reels is necessary. The new VMV 800 reel is a true workhorse in this regard: customers report that they have been able to use it to securely transport up to 800 kilograms of bare wire.

Häfner’s remarkable ability to innovate is also evident in new developments that have been found for tried and tested products. In response to increasing demand, Häfner has developed material reels for 3D printers. These come in a range of widths and can take up quantities of material starting from 0.5 kilograms. As a special feature in this area, Häfner produces transparent reels that allow users to determine what color filament they are using simply by looking straight through the reel.

It has become evident again and again that customers frequently require short-term deliveries. Häfner addresses this need with a highly modern logistics center where sea containers are handled on a regular basis.