Mecoline RDX sheathing & insulation compounds for E-beam cross-linking, based on fluoropolymers (PVDF & Fluroelastomer)

Specially formulated and easy processable: Fluoropolymer compounds for primary insulation and jacketing of cable systems. Fluoropolymers show exceptional performance in environments with fuels, oil, solvents, aggressive chemicals and much more under very high and low temperature conditions.

High Performance & Long Service Life
The performance of fluoropolymers depends on the nature of the base polymer. By applying the genuine fluoropolymer in the formulation, the compound can be safely used in harsh environments like engines, fuel tanks, in aeroplanes, helicopters and satellites, or even in hybrid and electrical cars. The primary insulation and sheathing made of fluoropolymer compounds will withstand cold and hot conditions and resist chemicals, oxygenated automotive fuels, even biodiesel fuels. The compound is generally compatible with hydrocarbons and is naturally UV-resistant. Depending on the cable constructions, it will meet the stringent requirements of ISO 6722 Class F for thin wall shielded battery cables and worldwide defence and automotive specifications. 

Heat & Cold
Mecoline IS RDX 5244 F, based on fluoroelastomer, withstands high continuous operating temperatures of 200°C up to 250°C and higher. The compound definitely retains its good mechanical properties better than most other elastomeric cable compounds. Oil and chemical resistance also are relatively unaffected by elevated temperatures. This Mecoline compound will keep its functional elastic properties when exposed to air oven aging up to 3000 hours at 204°C (400°F) or to test exposures up to 168 hours at 250°C (482°F). High temperature tests of 4 hours at 300°C (572°F) show no cracks. The cold impact at -40°C and low temperature flexibility tests at -70°C show no cracks either.

The very flexible material can “twist and turn” in environments like aerospace, satellites, hybrid and electrical vehicles. Also in conventional high performance vehicles, the wire can be easily routed in tight areas with limited space. It retains maximum flexibility and withstands very tough environments.

Insulation and flame retardant properties
The insulation properties are excellent and the compound exhibits such a good flame resistance that it can be considered as self-extinguishing.

Mecoline offers easy processing of the non-sticking pellets on extruders equipped with a conventional screw geometry. The non-sticking pellets can be conveyed to the hopper of the extruder in the usual way without any special provisions.