Line of Products Offer Armoring and Shielding Solutions for the Wire and Cable Industry

Louisville, KY – LLFlex – a global leader in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions for the building & construction, wire & cable, and tobacco packaging industries, has manufactured a complete line of cable wrap tapes to address a number of industry needs.  The Reyshield™ products are comprised of mono and co-ex layered film formulations that ensure exceptional quality and durability. has established itself as a leading supplier to the global wire and cable industry by leveraging its world-wide supply chain, international network of sales agents & slitting partners and its domestic manufacturing capabilities. The company’s cost-effectiveness and compliance with operational requirements solidifies its role as the only fully integrated US manufacturer of heavy and light gauge cable wraps. The Reyshield™ series supports LLFlex’s reputation as a dedicated industry supplier and only fully integrated US based manufacturer of these high-quality armoring and shielding tapes.


The Reyshield™ line of cable wrap tapes is comprised of three products:


  • The Reyshield™ Aluminum Cable Wrap contains film on the aluminum that allows for improved bending performance and uniform bonding to the jacket. Additionally, this product acts as a moisture vapor barrier as well as a static screen for copper conductor telephone and fiber optic cables. The cable wrap is offered either bare or coated with ethylene acrylic acid copolymer film (EAA) on one or both sides.


  • Used alone or as a second shield over aluminum cable wrap, the Reyshield™ Steel Armor Cable Wrap provides dual protection for optical fiber cables. The product is equipped with an EAA copolymer that bonds to the polyethylene jacket to reduce any damage from the installation process. The steel protects against moisture penetration and rodent damage. Reyshield™ coated steel shields sensitive optical fibers from the damaging effects of lightning’s electromagnetic force.


  • LLFlex’s Reyshield™ Copper Cable Wrap combines the excellent strength of copper with the corrosion protection of an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer film. The product is an ideal tape for low, medium and high voltage power cables and meets the specifications required for various other energy cables. In addition, it is an effective barrier for fiber optic and submarine cable networks.


“The Reyshield™ line of cable wrap tapes provide a multitude of solutions for the wire and cable industries,” said Victor Dixon, CEO of LLFlex. “These products were developed with our customers’ needs in mind, while upholding LLFlex’s consistent emphasis on quality and durability. Our US based manufacturing facility, gives us a distinct competitive advantage along with our international network of sales representatives.”


About LLFlex, LLC

LLFlex, LLC is a leader in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions for the building & construction, wire & cable, and tobacco packaging & other printable substrate markets. The company has operations in Kentucky and North Carolina. LLFlex markets its product portfolio through its network of global agents and partners.


For the building & construction sectors, LLFlex provides a full line of laminated insulation and radiant barrier facers designed to meet the industry's requirements for gas & moisture barrier, product adhesion, reflectivity, durability, and longevity. For the wire & cable industry, the company’s Reyshield™ Cable Wrap yields a line of mono and co-ex layered film formulations using proven, high quality resins throughout the structure for consistent, reliable long-term performance. For tobacco packaging, LLFlex is North America's largest supplier of cigarette inner bundling material, as well as custom-printed laminations for cigar, pipe and smokeless tobacco.


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