LLFlex – a global leader in wire & cable, construction and tobacco materials solutions, presents it's Reyshield® Cable Wrap in aluminum, steel and copper.

LLFlex’s Reyshield™ series comprise monolayer and copolymer film formulations that ensure exceptional quality and durability. Adding to the company’s reputation as a dedicated industry supplier of high quality armoring and shielding tapes, the cable wrap line includes:

  • The Reyshield™ Aluminum Cable Wrap contains film on the aluminum that allows for improved bending performance and uniform bonding to the jacket. Additionally, this product acts as a moisture vapor barrier as well as a static screen for copper conductor telephone and fiber optic cables. The cable wrap is offered either bare or coated with ethylene acrylic acid copolymer film on one or both sides.
  • Used alone or as a second shield over aluminum cable wrap, the Reyshield™ Steel Cable Wrap provides dual protection for optical fiber cables, including protection from rodents. The product is equipped with an EAA copolymer that bonds to the polyethylene jacket, with permanent or controlled jacket bond formulations available.
  • LLFlex’s Reyshield™ Copper Cable Shielding Wrap combines the strength of copper with the corrosion protection of the EVA copolymer, providing superior protection and enhanced reliability. Primarily used in power cables, as well as nuclear, telecommunication and signal cables, the Copper Cable Shielding Wrap ensures an effective barrier for a variety of specialty application needs.

LLFlex is undergoing a period of growth and innovation driven by corporate realignment and senior leadership changes – notably the addition of industry veteran Victor Dixon as CEO. These initiatives have set the stage for an amplified focus and commitment to the wire & cable market.

In addition, recent infrastructure upgrades – such as new, more modern equipment – have extended LLFlex’s capabilities, which now include an expanded portfolio of slitting and packaging for cable wrap products, and a broader selection of product widths and packaging options. The investments also have created increased capacity, allowing LLFlex to cater to a bulked-up client roster. In addition, LLFlex’s global and domestic metal sourcing offers supply security, guaranteeing exemplary quality and expedient delivery.

Finally, LLFlex is expanding its commercial footprint along with its global network: Access to a worldwide team of sales agents and slitter partners has increased the company’s international presence and cemented its role as a cross-industry leader. Meanwhile, enhancements in warehousing, distribution and logistics operations position LLFlex for continued growth.