Lämneå Bruk is looking forward to welcoming you at this year’s biggest trade show for the wire industry at wire Düsseldorf 2018. At booth A06 in Hall 9 the experienced sales team will present live one of Lämneå Bruk’s latest innovations: the 2nd generation of the bestselling Fully-Automatic Precision Layer Winder (FA-PLW). 

This new machine combines speed, precision to hundreds of a millimeter and highest user-friendliness. The spools are changed fully-automatic with servo-drive motor operated toolings. To ensure a smooth and problem-free wire laying process, the number of sensors has been reduced while maintaining the same high-quality outputs at the same time. The machine offers highest flexibility since the servo-motor types can be customized, depending on each customer’s preferred brand and needs.

Just as all Lämneå Bruk machines, the new FA-PLW is CE marked and on-going risk analysis and constant testing ensured compliance with latest European safety standards. The Lämneå Bruk team can further inform about another ground-breaking machine which was launched in 2017: The No Twist Coiler for spring wire, setting a new standard for bedding&seating wire coiling. Apart from presenting its innovations, the Lämneå Bruk team can provide detailed information about the broad machine portfolio ranging from welding to low and high carbon wire as well as stainless steel wire.

Lämneå Bruk is known for its high-quality drawing machine lines but it might be surprising to some that they also offer a wide range of spooling, rod preparation, coilers, take-ups, pay-offs and pointing machines for different wire types. Changing needs of the industry and each individual customer are demanding high flexibility and customization from the manufacturing side. At Lämneå Bruk all machines are highly adaptable since they are in control over the whole supply chain- from the first idea draft to the finished machine and after-sales service, ensuring that the customer gets exactly the machine they require.

Being in the wire industry for over 100 years equips Lämneå Bruk with the knowledge to design high-quality, innovative and enduring machines. With clients all over the world, Lämneå Bruk takes pride in its excellent customer service and support during every phase of the production cycle as well as after-sales. A thorough three-step risk analysis and conformity according to ISO standards, ensures highest European safety standards for each machine.

For more information please contact: Lämneå Bruk AB, Jonas Hagstedt, Tel.: +46 122 232 00, [email protected], www.lamnea.se or visit the Lämneå Bruk Team at booth A06 in hall 9 at wire Düsseldorf.