Maillefer has a complete program of crossheads which fulfils the variety of needs in wire & cable manufacturing. Often included in our line configurations, they are also in demand for performance upgrades and component replacements. The THX and ECH models form the two large families of extrusion heads that respond to a variety of applications.

THX models dedicated to power cable

THX and ECH crosshead technology means that you benefit from gains in material savings, precise cable geometries and quality, maintenance operations and operator efficiency.The THX series of triple layer crossheads are designed for XLPE power cables production in Catenary and in Vertical CV lines. They cover production for medium (MV), high (HV), extra-high voltage (EHV) and submarine XLPE cables. They are also suitable for MV EPR cables with an additional EPR distributor.

High quality cable with reduced maintenance

Thanks to our program of continuous crosshead improvements, the THX series crossheads remains a natural choice when requiring high quality cable with maximum material savings. The top-notch design of the crossheads results in exact layer thicknesses and improved cable roundness. With optimized temperature control and state-ofthe- art material flow distribution, longer production runs are possible with the number of crosshead cleaning operations significantly reduced.

The THX crosshead design allows quick change of extrusion tools in MV cable production. The goal is minimized CV line down time. Further time savings are achieved by choosing the Continuous Type Change option, which is available for the THX 35/75, THX 50/90 and THX 70/130. The CTC makes extrusion tool changes possible without stopping the line. Easy crosshead handling and maintenance are intuitive operations for the user.

Go to the next level

Any CV line is easily upgradable to the next THX type crosshead size, thus opening up the range of cable products to be produced. The THX crosshead series guarantees reliable production, improved efficiency and gives the possibility to increase cable quality. Having a spare crosshead waiting to be swapped in at all times, allows shorter maintenance down-time on a CV line. The THX type triple layer crosshead with improved performance advantageously replaces the earlier THW type.