Leopoldshöhe, North Rhine-Westphalia. Advances in the development of reels that are real space-savers continue apace at Häfner& Krullmann. Europe’s leading manufacturer of plastic spools and reels will be showing its new VM 600 spools from 16–18. April 2018 at the trade fair “wire” in Düsseldorf.

Häfner’s ribbed flange machine reels are among the true workhorses of the wire industry. VM 630 is a particularly popular choice, and the development of the new VM 600 started here. The flange diameter of the new reel is 600 rather than 630 millimetres. This means that four reels – each with an overall width of 390 millimetres – can now fit on a Euro-pallet measuring 800 x 1200 millimetres. This allows users to optimize transport costs to the tune of 25%. A further optimization is achievable by ordering the new VM 600 reels with 250 millimetre bores. Reels with this bore hold just as much winding material as the VM 630 reel with its standard 315 millimetre bore.

Optimizing products to cut down on space requirements during logistics is already a habit of Häfner’s: it is two years now since the company first presented its logistics-optimized utility reels with dimensions also ideally adapted to transport on Euro-pallets. And the company has already enjoyed years of success with its ecologically efficient Demopac spools. As the empty halves of these polypropylene spools are stackable, more than six times the usual quantity can fit on a single Euro-pallet.

This idea is only one example of Häfner’s impressive capacity for innovation. The results can be seen in Hall 9 at Stand A25 at “wire”.