At the Wire Expo 2018 show Windak introduced you the information about their latest developments - automatic spool assembly machine MP450_3.0 and Axjo’s Multipac spools. Axjo’s Multipac spool is divided in the middle and has a slightly conical barrel. This allows each half of the spool to be stacked, this means that up to three times as many spools can be loaded on a trailer. This concept attracted the most attention of visitors and got the highest number of inquiries.

Windak also presented the information about QuickPac Series of Coiling machines with new exclusive stretch wrap solution. No need for strapper or binder- Reduces maintenance costs and improves reliability! QuickPac models are designed for maximum output of 9-12 coils/minute.

It was very successful trade show with several new potential customers.

Thank you all who visited Windak’s booth!