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LS Cable Signs Cable Supply Deal With Denmark’s Orsted

October 04, 2018

LS Cable & System announced it has signed a deal to supply high voltage cables to ... (more)

‘SMOKE AND FIRE’ H&R ChemPharm (UK) Has Your Solution

October 03, 2018

Cabling application challenge? ... (more)

Auction Of Wire And Cable Machinery - Costa Machinery GmbH

October 01, 2018

COSTA machinery GmbH - one of Europ's 5 biggest used machinery dealers sells *all* machines ... (more)

Rosendahl Proudly Presents Their New Color-Recognition Sensor System

August 31, 2018

At this year's Wire Dusseldorf Rosendahl presented their innovative color-recognition sen... (more)

Arkema Presents An Application Focus: Cable Ties

August 23, 2018

Rilsan® polyamide resins and Kynar® / Kynar Flex® fluoropolymer r... (more)

Superior Essex Launches New Telco Outside Plant Hybrid Optimized Cable

August 16, 2018

Superior Essex announces a new Telco OSP Hybrid cable optimized to support Class 2 Lin... (more)

Cemanco Presents A Six Roller Check Station Guide 15mm AG4-15-45

July 23, 2018

A six roller check station guide for using a laser counter, etching, or quality assurance system for your production lin... (more)

Rosendahl´s Smart Line Control System RIO

July 13, 2018

Information determines our success on the market. And the right information consists in collecting, organiz... (more)

Bespoke Cold Welding Solution Streamlines Tube Production

July 03, 2018

A customised cold welding system developed by PWM in partnership with US manufacturer ... (more)

Improved SZ-Stranding Of Fiber Optic Cables

June 29, 2018

Rosendahl and Nextrom have elaborated a conce... (more)