Radix branded wire and cable is all around us.  Our products are used to power your household range and industrial equipment – and now to help save lives in high-rise buildings. Today, Radix Wire and Cable celebrates its 75th year of powering people's lives by telling the stories of its first 75 years and committing to more innovations for the future.

Founded in 1944, Radix quickly grew to become a leading provider of wire and cable for extreme environments. Since then, Radix Wire and Cable has become an everyday part of people's lives:

  • Radix Sil-a-Blend and DuraBlend wire and cables were the first silicone products with fiberglass integrated into the insulating layer eliminating all the failure modes of old braided silicone products
  • Radix™ DuraLife® is the first flexible silicone rubber insulated fire alarm cable recertified under UL 2196. Today, you will find it in professional sports stadiums and world-renowned hospitals.
  • Radix was the first to comply with UL 858 – meeting new industry safety standards for household cooking equipment

By combining industry-leading materials and technology expertise with a focus on customers, Radix has been able to offer the most reliable, high-quality products today and is positioned to solve customers' most challenging applications in the future.

"Radix Wire and Cable is committed to bringing our depth of knowledge to bear to deliver the next innovation – in a way that shows our dedication to customers. We go the extra mile for our customers – it's that combination of being big enough to supply industry-leading solutions and small enough to care that's kept our customers coming back for 75 years…and will lead us into the next 75 years," says Steve Demko, president.