IWCS, producer of the International Cable & Connectivity Symposium, the premier venue for new technologies in cable and connectivity products, processes and applications, welcomed attendees to the 67th annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island, on October 14 through 17, 2018. IWCS 2018 in Providence had record-breaking attendance in all aspects of the Conference. Overall registration increased by more than 20%, relative to the average of recent years. Participation in the Professional Development Courses was almost double the average of previous years. The Supplier Exhibition, with 105 Exhibitors, attracted an increased attendance of over 45% greater than the average of previous years.


“This year’s IWCS in Providence exceeded all of our expectations,” said Scott H. Wasserman, PhD., of The Dow Chemical Company and Chairman of IWCS. “The energy and enthusiasm for our program was unmistakable and the presence of new people and companies was great for us to see. The strength of our technical program and professional development courses drew consistently large audiences and we are optimistic that the momentum we see here will lead to similarly large audiences in Shanghai, China, and Charlotte, NC, next year.” Wasserman continued, “

IWCS Symposium
IWCS 2018

We are especially proud of the dynamic and effective presence that we have on our various social media platforms and expect that those efforts, as well as our Webinar series, will provide an exceptional number of touch points for our technical audience to get engaged and stay engaged with us throughout the year.”


IWCS 2018 Providence had over 160 unique presentations, along with 8 Professional Development Courses led by industry experts over the 4 days of the Symposium. These included 29 Poster Papers and 12 New Product Introductions. The conference also offered a 2-day Supplier Exhibition with 105 exhibitors. The exhibits included exciting new innovations to support the growth and advancements in the cable and connectivity industry.