Rosendahl Nextrom, the global leader in battery, cable & wire and optical fiber production technologies, and HV Cable Solutions Oy, a Finland-based engineering and consulting company specialized in power cables & accessories and related materials and manufacturing solutions have joined forces.


Together they are developing high-quality manufacturing solutions for HPTE - High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomers.


Over the past few years, HPTE-based power cable insulation systems have gained a lot of attention in the cable industry globally. Due to their excellent electrical behavior, they provide a lot of benefits to production.


HPTE provides cable manufacturers with an alternative way to produce medium and high-voltage cables that

have a higher operating temperature

are recyclable

have shorter lead time in production due to unnecessary degassing


The newly started cooperation allows Rosendahl Nextrom to develop the ability to provide HPTE MV Cable know-how packages comprising material formulations, production processes, cable performance and production equipment.

The HPTE product offer will be enhanced by higher-voltage classes in the future.