Rosendahl’s customized lines for low-voltage power cablesThe range of low voltage cables includes a variety of different cable types for countless applications. This also means that the demands on production lines are very diverse. Regardless of which materials, structures or forms are required for your products, Rosendahl's RN lines allow you to achieve the best, most-suitable results.


The demands on production plants in the low-voltage cable segment are very diverse. To cover as many of today's market needs as possible, Rosendahl's RN line can be configured exactly according to your needs. Depending on the type of cable, very diverse extrusion materials are used for cable production, such as PVC, PE, PUR, XLPE, HFFR and LSOH. Products with conductor cross-sections (Leiterquerschnitten) from 0.08 to 1000mm2 can be covered with different lines. With a production speed of 1500 m/min or more, this line is ideally suited for the many different applications in the low-voltage sector:


  • Automotive wires

  • Silicone cables

  • Building wires / installation / house wiring cables

  • Aerial bundled cables (ABC or SIP)

  • Elevator cables

  • Underground cables

  • Control cables / signal cables

  • Submersible cables – winding wires or oil pump cables

  • Safety cables

  • Solar cables

  • Aerospace cables

  • Locomotive wires

  • Marine cables

  • Nuclear power cables


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