Manufacturers are facing an unenviable list of challenges as they strive to realise the opportunities of Industry 4.0. The businesses achieving the greatest gains in productivity, growth and inventory control are those that are successfully leveraging data-driven insights, adopting digital platforms and developing enterprise solutions to give them a competitive edge. However, a shortage of digital engineering skills, lengthy IT backlogs, and legacy technology act like an anchor holding them back from moving forward.


Advaris Cable MESCable MES provides all of the solutions necessary to achieve a true smart Factory in one complete, proven package. This press release will demonstrate one of the supporting fully integrated benefits of the software which is lengths ahead of any cross-industry solution. software offers the best practices of the cable and wire industry and was developed and implemented in cooperation with leading cable manufacturers.


Track and trace is a core benefit of an MES that directly connects with the BOM routing and shop floor to provide the data needed for full traceability and compliance. Tracking is summed up in the process of collecting unique identifier and product transformation data through the production process. Tracing is using tracked data to establish product genealogy information, understanding everything that went into a product. Together, you will have the power to instantly see the full traceability of your finished products, raw material batches and the steps in the production process.


TraceabilityTraceability can be done instantly with mouse-clicks, as opposed to hours or days of sifting through paper forms - so, traceability is normally done when it is necessary and limited to what is required. In addition, there is flexibility in how you trace – do you want to see the entire ingredients / or how many products used the specific ingredient. Tracing becomes a tool in your tool-belt, and not a labour-intensive exercise you only do when you have to. Now when your products need to be compliance verified, they can be traced as well as the traceability of ingredients, batches.


As the MES is connected to the entire production process, the track and trace is not just tracing product, but immediate association to:

  • Quality checks performed
  • Recipes used and changed
  • Equipment performance and OEE
  • Operator interactions

ADVARIS continues to prove the software in the industry with successful implementations such as Southwire. Guy Brassard, Chief Information Officer at Southwire Carollton, commented “ADVARIS MES is the control center of the factory and is one of the functional elements in Southwire’s Industry 4.0/ Smart Factory strategy. It enables us to identify deviations, shortages, and disruptions in the production process at an early stage. The intelligent system support enables our employees to react promptly and to make the correct decision.”

Advaris USAADVARIS is an international software and consulting company. Being in the marketplace since 1997, ADVARIS is best equipped with an experienced team of specialists in the fields of manufacturing execution systems (MES), product data management, and enterprise resource planning in the wire and cable industry. Headquartered in Bruchal, Germany, the branch offices in the USA and India provide their customers with around the clock support worldwide. You can find out more at the website: