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Within the wire and cable industry, the Dynamitron® has been used for decades for the crosslinking of insulation and jacketing. In line with a company growth and reorganization, the Easy-e-Beam® system featuring the Dynamitron® also underwent a makeover.

Easy-e-Beam® requires a minimal footprint that allows most customers to use existing manufacturing space. The equipment may be positioned in-line with the existing manufacturing line to optimize the overall production facility and reduce cost overhead.

Easy-e-Beam® was designed using a modular concept. This feature enables the entire system to be more easily assembled on the factory floor and allows for a complete testing to the customer performance specifications prior to delivery. The breakdown and shipment of the system are simpler as a result of being able to ship partially assembled sub-systems. With the modular design , the installation and start-up efforts can be reduced to approximately two months.

Easy-e-Beam® is capable of producing 1.0 MeV energy output. This allows the system the capability of handling an extended range of customer product sizes. More applications can be processed by the Easy-e-Beam® design as a result of this increased in energy output. This feature can be used to raise line speed to provide greater throughput depending upon the customer application and required dose rate.