The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc. reports its long-running and content-refined Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing course garnered participation from 105 wire and cable industry professionals at this, its first, regional workshop in a standalone format, October 10-11, 2018.

Course attendance has risen steadily over the years at WAI’s annual conventions. “The increasing interest in the program led WAI to test the format in Texas, where two nearby companies, Encore Wire, and Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. graciously hosted facility tours to round out the educational schedule, ” said Steven Fetteroll, WAI Executive Director.

Remarking on the event, Marc Murray, WAI’s Director of Education & Member Services, said “The popularity of the course shows us that the demand for basic wire and cable manufacturing information is high and it likely reflects the turnover in manufacturing jobs at industry plants.”

Ten instructors covered these topics:
Mechanics of wiredrawing • Drawing dies • Wiredrawing lubricants • Wire breaks & surface damage • Stranding cable • Cleaning & coating  of rod & wire • Extrusion • Basics of electrical testing • Ferrous heat treatment • Used machinery • Manufacturing problem solving •  Testing & properties • Ferrous metallurgy  Positive results have prompted WAI leadership to consider offering a similar standalone format at additional locations in 2019.

The course will be offered again as a curriculum staple at WAI’s 89th Annual Convention during Interwire in Atlanta, Georgia, on May13, 2019. Details about WAI’s upcoming events are available at